10 Jahre Ginnheimer Wirtshaus

Our Guests' Favourite Dishes

From Grandma's Soup Kitchen

Please ask for our „Soup of the Day”3,90 €

Crispy fresh salads from the weekly

Colorful small mixed salad of the season3,00 €
Fitness salad
turkey medallions, sprouts, fresh fruit and vegetables, Chili
10,50 €
Shepherd's salad
mixed salad, feta cheese, Oliven3, peppers, onions, peppers
9,90 €
Please choose your dressing: Balsamic vinegar and yoghurt dressing

Rustic and hearty specialties violently

Fresh from the oven pretzel1,20 €
Upper Hessian hand cheese with music, fresh bread & butter4,50 €
Original Gref-Völsings Rindswurst with bread and mustard3,45,90 €
Original Gref-Völsings Beef sausage with fries3,47,90 €
Hauseigene giant grill sausage2 with fries8,20 €
Bauernhacksteak with fried potatoes or braised onions & fries9,80 €
Spare ribs with barbecue sauce, baked potato & chive cheese11,50 €
Oven-fresh crispy pork with sauerkraut and freshly baked bread11,90 €

Flammkuchen from the stone oven

The classic
bacon, sour cream, onions & cheese1,2,6
7,50 €
The Mediterranean
with tangy feta cheese, peppers, onions & Oliven3
7,90 €
The Vegetarian
arugula, tomatoes, onions & mozzarella cheese
7,90 €

Only for the „little ones”

4 Chicken Nuggets with fries & ketchup5,20 €
Children schnitzel with fries and ketchup5,50 €

Grill Pans & Specialties

Wiener schnitzel9,50 €
Schnitzel with braised onions9,90 €
Rahmschnitzel with fresh mushrooms10,50 €
Grill plate
rump steak - spare-ribs - turkey - minihacksteaks - grilled tomato - homemade herb butter - Chilidip
16,90 €
As a side dish, choose between: Fries, fried potatoes, butter spaetzle.
Gourmet grilled steak
herb butter, baked potato & coleslaw
11,90 €
Argentinean rump steak with fried potatoes, onions or garlic butter16,90 €
Ginnheimer Tavern classics on one plate
Abundant, with a crispy leg, a giant sausage Spare ribs, sauerkraut and fried potatoes.2,4,7
From 2 persons, price per person
18,90 €

For vegetarians

Colorful mixed salad with baked potato & chive sour cream7,90 €
Frankfurt's „green sauce” with four half-eggs & fries8,50 €
Spaetzle (noodles) with cheese, fried onions and a small mixed salad1,68,90 €


Kaiserschmarrn with vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream5,90 €
More Sweet delicacies can be found on our winter ice creams map

All prices inclusive of VAT and service charge

1 with colouring
2 Nitrit-Pökelsalz
3 with anti-oxidants
4 with taste enhancer
5 Geschwefelt
6 with preservative
7 Gewachst
8 with phosphate
9 sweetener
10 contains source of phenylalanine
11 Geschwärzt
12 caffeine

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